Exclusive to TaipanXP we are the ONLY manufacturer in Australia to offer consumers a Vortex Gen 2 Muffler on 4WD Performance Exhaust Systems. Unlike conventional flow through mufflers, the TaipanXP Gen 2 Vortex Muffler is handmade to suit each application.

Inside the Vortex Gen 2 Muffler is a spiral deflector which deflects the exhaust gas onto a perforation. As the gas passes over the perforation, friction is generated which causes heat. We use this heat to control the exhaust gas expansion rate which gives us the ability to control back pressure against the turbine wheel.

Most new diesel engines use VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) technology and air-flow meters. When a high flow exhaust is fitted the air entering the engine also increases. This can create a problem if the increased air- flow voltage signal is greater than the factory set upper limit (in some parts of the rev and load range). We work within the air-flow limits set by the factory and use the Vortex Gen 2 Muffler to control air-flow through the engine under all conditions to increase power, deliver more torque and improve fuel economy.

Don't settle for inferior exhaust technology for your 4WD. TaipanXP deliver the highest quality design and manufacture in Australia. Only at TaipanXP will you be able to take advantage of our Vortex Gen 2 Muffler for your 4WD.

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