KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shock absorbers in the world. KONI shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances.

KONI Heavy Track and RAID are specifically designed to improve vehicle damping characteristics both on-road and off-road. Specifically designed for SUV, 4WD, and Light Truck applications, these shock absorbers have been chosen as the damper of choice for support vehicles on the Dakar Rally, the team at Beadell Tours as they travel the Australian desert, and even selected as the preferred damper for the Top Gear North Pole Special.

Heavy Track

Optimum handling, road holding and grip.
Adjustable rebound forces for all on and offroad conditions.
Specially developed, high quality materials for maximum performance.
Better driving characteristics.
Rugged construction.
Long lifespan.


KONl Special technology, up-sized 70 mm diameter body.
Improved ride/handling.
Rebound-adjustable off-the-vehicle.
Solid, robust attachments welded all around.
New heat-resistant sealing technology for increased longevity.
Large diameter to help with heat dissipation.

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