Coil Springs

When undertaking 4x4 remote area travel, the need to carry sufficient fuel, water, vehicle spares and safety equipment invariably means that your 4WD will be fully loaded, placing a lot of strain on suspension components.

As part of their integrated 4WD suspension systems, Old Man Emu designs a range of coil springs for each vehicle, enabling the installer to match the most appropriate springs to the intended application. While ride height increases are attained, emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers, delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.

Springs are formed on precision mandrels

Scragging before and after shot peening to prevent sagging

Constant and variable rate coils available for multiple applications

Coil spring end configurations designed to exact specifications guaranteeing perfect fitment to your vehicle

Durable powder coat finish

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